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Find Answers to Common Questions Below.

If you didn't find the answer you were looking for, contact us, we'd love to help!

  • Can I have a Koi Fish in Colorado?
    Yes We have Koi ponds throughout Colorado. You jus have to watch the temperature, feeding schedules, and filters. They are such a beautiful cold water fish.
  • Can I winter over the Koi and how deep must the pond be to winter-over fish?
    Yes You need to have an area that remains unfrozen. The pond must be at least 36" deep in Colorado to winter-over most fish.
  • Do you feed the fish in the winter time?
    No Most cold water fish become dormant in the winter. As a result, you should not feed them when the temperatures drop below 40 degrees. They begin to "shut-down" and their vitals become very slow, that is all natural. if you overfeed them the toxins will build up and they will suffocate.
  • Is a Bio-filter and Skimmer really necessary for the eco-system to work?
    Yes It is a combination of the oxygenation, filtration system, gravel, fish, bog plants and advantageous bacteria which colonize on the pads and gravel.
  • How long will it take you to complete the job once you start?
    Varies Of course if depends on the size, but small waterfalls will take about two weeks, large water gardens and lakes will take months to complete all the components involved.
  • Will your staff show us how to build our own little waterfall or pond?
    Sure! Paul, will give you instruction as a consultant if you need the service.
  • Can I run my waterfall all year round?
    Highly recommended! We highly recommend running your waterfall year round. Even in below zero degrees weather. The pipes will not freeze as long as the water is moving. They will ice up if it is a hard freeze, but the water will continue to flow the Skimmer or through the rocks in a Pondless Waterfall.
  • Can I make payments?
    Plans Available "Winter Payment Plans" available with 0% finance charge, you cannot beat that deal at the bank!! We will offer financing in amounts from $1,000 to $10,000 based on the contract amount (and our gut feeling) with monthly payments to start September 1st of the same year. The monthly payments are from $100 - $1,000 per month based on what is agreed upon. Basically you are earning interest on our money throughout the year! Something to consider.
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