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Husband who helped his wife to overcome depression from a serious illness.

In March 2021 my wife got heart attack and she had to do by-pass surgery. Our entire family was shaken up with this incident. After few weeks of surgery I observed though she was recovering but mentally she was broken. I was not sure what to do. I asked doctor what to do about this. Doctor said that after by-pass most patient goes through depression. So extra care has to be taken. I was not sure to share this with my wife because she won’t accept such thing. I thought let me do some google search and find out how can I help my wife. I came across Depression Self Help Digital Kit. I downloaded it and started studying it. With self diagnostic tool I got confirmation that my wife is in depression. It was not easy to reveal this to her but with the help of ebook overcome depression without medicine it was easy for me to talk to my wife on this. She also understood the fact and our entire family started help her. All the tools given in the kit are of great help. With the help of 30 days planner we created entire schedule for my wife and followed it. Every member in our family supported in this and finally within 5 weeks she came out of depression. The kit is so helpful and easy that anyone can use it. All instructions are made clear that even children can understand it. I bless entire team of Yaha Life who made this kit. I salute to Dr Jani’s wisdom. Gratitude to her for giving her knowledge and experience via this kit. - K. Prasad, Chennai

Son who lost his father due to covid came out of depression on his own.

I never thought I will get into depression. But unfortunately my father got covid and he was no more within a week. I felt everything is gone. Without father I lost all hopes and strength in my life. He was my superhero. He is gone. I feel meaningless without him in my life. My family also was traumatised with this. For almost 7 months life felt like hell. One day our neighbour aunty came to me and said that she has emailed me something. I was not at all in mood to open my email. But I have lost of respect for her and hence I checked my email. There was an attachment Depression Self Help Kit. I was wondering why she had shared this kit with me. I downloaded the attachment and checked it. I was still confused why she has shared this kit with me. So I closed and kept it. Next day aunty came came again and asked me if I had checked my email. I told her that yes I checked but I am not able to understand why you have sent me this thing. She said please go through it you and your entire family need this. I was taken aback. I never wanted to accept the fact that I and my family are in depression. I felt ashamed of myself that a person who always have inspired others how can I get into depression. I was not ready to accept this truth that I am in depression. But aunty insisted me to go through the kit. When I read user guide it was simple and easy for me to navigate with entire kit. I quickly followed the step and figure out whether I am in depression or not. Self diagnostic tool was super easy and helpful tool which opened my eyes. Yes I was in depression. I never wanted to accept this truth. But thanks to the kit I am now out of this depression. The entire kit is so easy to follow and the guidance given by Dr. Falguni Jani is marvellous. Today me and my family are out of depression thanks to aunty and this amazing kit. - Shital Shah, Surat

He lost job due to pandemic and was depressed but he got rid of depression.

I lost job in this pandemic. I tried at many places to get new job but everywhere I was reject. I got highly frustrated and irritated. After few weeks I felt so low and sad. I felt I am worthless and so why should I live life. I never realised that I was in depression. I was always a self motivated person. In fact I motivated others. But what happened to me due to loss of job was unbelievable. My family was super tensed with my behaviour. Plus this covid atmosphere was making me down. One of my friends gifted me Depression Self Help Digital Kit. I thought I am strong I never get depressed. But I was wrong. I was depressed. Also I was thinking that depression is a disease which is not curable so I was also afraid to accept this fact that I was depressed. These were wrong beliefs in me which I realised when read Overcome depression without medicine ebook that came with the kit. Dr. Falguni Jani gave cleared my mind and fears related with depression. Quickly I took action and created my plan to get out of depression. 30 days planner was super useful in making my daily schedule. I printed affirmation diary and flashcards. Music therapy with affirmations is magical. The moment I put my headphones within few seconds my mind is calm and I feel so much relaxed. I got new hopes and I re-applied at various places. Within 6 weeks I came out of depression and my family is super happy now. I am thankful to my friend who gifted me this kit. And I am deeply grateful to Dr. Jani and Yaha Life team for making such powerful kit. I recommend this kit to all those who are in fear about depression just like me and not ready to accept the reality. Please use this kit it will save you and your family for sure. - Rohit Puri, Delhi

Bad Divorce caused her depression but today she is out of depression.

I was depressed due to bad divorce experience. It was difficult for me to come out of depression. I tried antidepressant. It gave me some relief but temporary. I thought antidepressant will help in reducing my thoughts but I realised that pills cannot help in thought reduction. I came to know about depression self help digital kit. I downloaded this kit and started working on myself. Ebook overcome depression without medicine was so much helpful to clear my doubts about depression. Also ebook gave me now hope for life and move forward in my life. 30 days activity planner was super useful for me thought which I created my own routine. I worked on myself sincerely for 30 days with the help of planner. Music therapy with affirmations were life changing. Every time I have negative thoughts or mood swings music therapy with affirmations came as a rescue tool for me. I had to put no effort in reducing my thoughts just playing these affirmations using headphones was enough and within few minutes all my negative thoughts and emotions were gone. I also started writing affirmations diary as per the instructions and it worked magical. I printed affirmations flashcards and kept it handy with me. Many times while cooking I had negative thoughts and these flashcards helped me to quickly divert my thoughts and I was able to re-focus. Those who are going through depression I highly recommend this kit. I am grateful to Dr. Falguni Jani and entire Yaha Life team for making this powerful kit. - Shobhna Sharma, Maharashtra

Are you in depression due to failure in love? Get some tips from this young man.

What do you call it..puppy love..infactuaton?..Well to me it was much more than that. Much much more I tell you. Every waking moment was filled with her thoughts. I didn't know what to do or think except her. I couldn't digest it even if she spoke to another boy. Whenever I would see her speaking to another person in collage I would be sick to the pit of my stomach. I had discussion with her about it and she tried making me understand that it is posessiveness. She was right! I didn't understood her at that time. I pushed her so much to be with me that she decided to end the relationship. I felt like giving up my life. My counsellor in collage made me understand that I was going through depression and suggested me to practice the affirmations from the Depression Self Help Digital kit. For 4 weeks followed specific routine everyday. I created my own plan to get rid of depression asap with the help of Self Help Kit. I use to listen to affirmations as per the guidance given in the kit. I also printed Affirmations Diary and wrote affirmations daily as per the instructions given in the dialy. I printed flash cards as my gentle reminders and stuck on my mirror and one set I kept in the pouch on my bike. Within 2 weeks I was able to see lots of changes in me. My emotions were getting balanced. Finally after 4 weeks I felt very light in heart and was able to forgive myself and my x gf. I prayed for her new life and I am now focused on my career. Wondering why am sharing my story? Well it is because I want all those who are in depression due to failure in love to understand that when you commit a mistake it is in your hands to rectify it. Listen and Practice these affirmations and take control of your life. - Sanjay, Bangalore

She was depressed due to Failure in Examination. But she faught it.

The fear of failure in examination was too much on me. I was looking for help on how to come out of this depression without taking medication and thats when I came across your page in Google. I quickly went through the page, and downloaded the depression self help kit. It seemed to be really simple but when I started practising listening with headphone, writing the affirmations and reading the flashcards I regained my confidence. I am sharing this with all my friends. I felt so relief within a week. For months I have been struggling how to overcome this depression. It was difficult for me to share with family and friends about this. But when I readThanks to this depression self help kit that came to rescue me. - Kavya, Goa

He was depressed due to over criticism in job with a tough boss. He pulled himself from depression.

Having a job is supposed to be a blessing. But if you had to go through the torture of an over critical boss who is never happy with what you do...never acknowledges your worth and always finds mistake and puts you down especially in front of others..what would you do? This is the situation I was facing in office. I wanted to leave my job..just quit but I had the responsibility of my wife, my kids and my aging parents. This thought kept running in my mind what if!!! I had lost the ability to stand up for myself. I was going through depression and I wanted help. I was already taking medication for my health issues so my colleague and my good friend suggested that I should download and listen to the Affirmations on How to Overcome depression without medication. He sat me down and help me purchase the depression treatment kit. I download it and printed the affirmations diary and flash cards. I took it home and explained to my wife. She is very understanding. I practised the affirmations, listened to them and wrote them down and kept reminding myself that my life is safe and secured. With the help of affirmations in the kit and the support of my wife I am able to respond in a positive way back to my boss and now he is able to appreciate me and my work again. Thank you for helping me instill confidence in myself once again. - Mohammed, UP